Matt Schmulen

Lead SE for @Appcelerator OEM-ISV-Partner Alliances team. Mobile obsessed, addicted to sailing, rehabilitated game developer.

Always on the Search for the #remarkable
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Hard to tell who’s happier boy or dog

Darth #swift @elementumscm iOS mobile team settles in to new office (at 1300 Terra Bella, Mountain View, CA)

New office ! @elementumscm , pictures do not do it justice … so long Castro (at Elementum)

#ItalianWedding leftover

#slugbug ! outside @elementumscm (at Elementum)

#SanFrancisco is #remarkable

Good night beautiful! (at San Francisco, CA)

#BayBridge from the underside

#sail commute done #SVLostBoy tucked into home slip

Earthmover on boat , the 8 year old in me loves everything about this !